2002 – Annie get Your Gun

Another rip-roaring success – Northumberland Gazette, March 21st 2002

The show was vibrant and colourful with a very lively, multi-charactered chorus who were obviously enjoying the well known musical numbers.

The central characters of Annie Oakley and Frank Butler were portrayed by Barbara Morris and Chris Blythe, who were an excellent partnership, blending romance and sharp shooting with harmonious vocals.

They were well supported by Kathleen Sheel (Dolly) and Alex Swailes (Charlie) whose excellent characterisations gave a burst of comedy to the show.

Well honed cameo roles from Anthony Stoker (Chief Sitting Bull), Paul Toward (Foster Wilson) and Lynne Lambert (Mrs Little Horse) added to the show.

The four children who were Annie’s siblings Clare Miller, Deborah Skelton, Alice Lyford and Daniel Hope blossomed in their roles as the week progressed.

A team effort which involved over 80 people, provided a really enjoyable evening’s entertainment. Well done ASMS.” FGB

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