Alnwick Stage Musical Society

Alnwick Stage Musical Society are rehearsing for their 32nd annual show, a Caberet inspired evening in support of Alnwick Playhouse.


Originally we had intended to take a well earned break this year, coinciding with the renovations currently taking place at the Alnwick Playhours.

However the membership decided that we enjoy singing, dancing and acting so much that the committee leapt into action to find both a show and a suitable venue to perform in.  Several options were put on the table and some had their arms twisted to step into directorial roles. 

What we are producing is a Cabaret themed evening, loosly based on a musical theatre company putting on a show, from rehearsal to encore.

We are pleased to announce that, in association with the Alnwick Playhouse, we will be performing 'Cabaret on Broadway' at the Adult Learning Centre, Lindisfarne Road from 20-23 March.  Ticket details will follow soon.