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Alnwick Stage Musical Society are rehearsing for their 31st annual musical, Lerner and Lowe's My Fair Lady.

Producer of this year's show Kathryn Curry said: "Based on Bernard Shaw's play 'Pygmalion', My Fair Lady has always had a special place in musical history. The Show has a witty and timeless score, with many well known songs and I am delighted to be directing this year''s show."

Henry Higgins, a Professor of Phonetics, encounters Eliza Doolittle, a cockney flower girl, one cold March night at Covent Garden market. He declares to his friend Colonel Pickering that in three months he could transform Eliza into a duchess.

Over the course of several months Eliza, who moves into the Higgins household, is put through a gruelling course of phonetics and elocution lessons by Higgins. Eliza's moment of triumph comes at the Embassy Ball. She is beautiful, elegant and well-spoken and proves to be an enormous success particularly with the young gentleman Freddy Eynsford-Hill who falls desperately in love with her.

After the ball Eliza falls into despondency as she sees Higgins celebrating his triumph in passing Eliza off as a duchess, showing little consideration for her feelings. Unnoticed, she slips out of Higgins' house and seeks consolation with Higgins' mother. Higgins comes in search of her but Eliza refuses to return with him.

Back at home, Higgins realises that he has become accustomed to Eliza. But suddenly Eliza reappears. She has forgiven Higgins and has decided to return.

Kathryn Curry said: "New members are always welcome in any capacity, from stage management, set building, backstage, painting the scenery, making costumes, acting, singing or dancing. So if you would like to get involved in any aspect of putting on the show please contact us by email"

The show will take place at The Alnwick Playhouse from the 20th March to the 24th March 2018 with five evening performances and a Saturday matinee.

Read Kathryn's My Fair Lady Newsletter here.

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